Event Booking

Make your event memorable. 

Host an event your guests will talk about for years.  The Human Powered Snow Cone is a great addition to any type of gathering.  Private parties, corporate events, restaurant openings, festivals, and fundraisers are only the beginning, the opportunities are limitless.  The unique design of the wheel also makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces.

On the right are some of our most frequent event set-ups for the Human Powered Frozen Beverage Machine.  These options can be fully customized and tailored to your event...just ask!

Contact us today to book the Human Powered Frozen Beverage Machine for your next event! We have 4 wheels available and can handle multiple events on the same day.

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Option #1. The "Happy Plan".

Everyone would get a free snow cone at the event.   

We charge you a flat rate for the first 3 hours and then a discounted rate for any additional hours.  This rate typically includes travel, all labor, and all materials.  We also carry liability insurance.  We can make as many as 50 snowcones per hour.

Option #2. The "Fund Raiser Plan".

We charge you a flat rate for the first 3 hours and then a discounted rate for any additional hours.  To reduce the cost to you, you would provide one person to sell tickets or collect money for the snow cones.  You get to set the price of the snowcone and keep the money from the sold snowcones.  This is becoming an organization favorite and a great fundraising opportunity.


Option #3. We show up and sell snow cones. We keep all the proceeds.

Terms: We require no electricity. We would need a 10'x10' space with at least an 8' tall clearance for the machine to operate. We would arrive one hour prior to the event to set up. No deposit required. No charge if cancelled with at least 48 hours notice. Payment due 7 days after close of event, but the day of really makes us happy.